09.23.2013 - Collective–LOK wins Van Alen Institute Competition.

07.11.2013 - Collective–LOK shortlisted for Van Alen Institute Competition.

06.23.2013 - William O’Brien Jr., Jon Lott of PARA-Project and Michael Kubo of over,under form Collective–LOK to compete for Van Alen Institute Competition.

06.06.2013 - Wallpaper* names William O'Brien Jr. one of the top twenty young architects in the world in Architects Directory 2013.

04.10.2013 - William O'Brien Jr. lectures and WOJR exhibition opens at the Aarhus School of Architecture on April 10.

03.21.2013 - William O'Brien Jr. awarded residency at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig in County Monaghan, Ireland.

02.19.2013 - The Architectural League of New York and Socrates Sculpture Park Folly 2013 competition jury recognizes “Castle Keep.”

02.15.2013 - WOJR to exhibit recent work at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

02.14.2013 - William O'Brien Jr. to lecture at Sapienza Università di Roma on March 14.

02.12.2013 - William O'Brien Jr. interviewed and featured at the American Academy in Rome.

02.05.2013 - Recent work of WOJR on exhibit as part of the Design Boston Biennial show at BSA Space from February 21 - May 15.

02.04.2013 - William O'Brien Jr. to lecture at the American Academy in Rome on February 12.

02.03.2013 - William O'Brien Jr. will speak at the “Possible Futures of Architecture” symposium at the University of Maryland School of Architecture on February 20.

02.02.2013 - WOJR featured in INSIDEART.

02.01.2013 - Editor of Wallpaper* Ellie Stahaki interviews William O'Brien Jr. for Aēsop Register.

01.30.2013 - Exhibition and performance of “Nine Parts of Two,” a collaboration between William O'Brien Jr. and composer Wang Lu, at the American Academy in Rome event, “Cinque Mostre.”

12.02.2012 - “Certain Aspects of Architectural Form,” now open at the Keller Gallery until December 17.

12.01.2012 - “Totems,” an essay by William O'Brien Jr. published in Log 26.

11.29.2012 - WOJR exhibition, “Certain Aspects of Architectural Form,” opens at the Keller Gallery. The exhibition shows fifteen selected projects developed between 2009-2012.

11.19.2012 - William O'Brien Jr. to collaborate with composer Wang Lu on exhibition and performance “Nine Parts of Two” featuring duets for cello and piano coupled with diptychs of recent WOJR work to be shown at the American Academy in Rome.

10.24.2012 - “Mouldings: A Store for Aēsop” opens on Newbury Street in Boston.

09.09.2012 - William O'Brien Jr. to begin the 2012-2013 Rome Prize Fellowship.

08.19.2012 - WOJR featured in film about MIT Architecture exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris during the Advances in Architectural Geometry Conference.

07.08.2012 - WOJR to collaborate with Joel Lamere of GLD on installation, “Chamber: An Anechoic Environment.”

05.31.2012 - William O'Brien Jr. interviewed by MIT Architecture about expectations for the Rome Prize Fellowship.

04.27.2012 - William O'Brien Jr. wins the Rome Prize. He is the winner of the 2012-2013 Founders Rome Prize in Architecture at the American Academy in Rome.

02.02.2012 - Opening of “Totems: Silhouettes and Iconographic Pluralism.” William O’Brien Jr. gives gallery talk in conjunction with opening at the Zoellner Arts Center.

02.01.2012 - William O'Brien Jr. gives lecture, “Disciplined,” at the AAD, Lehigh University.

12.31.2011 - “Twins: Houses in Five Parts” is recognized as #18 of Yatzer’s 50 Most Liked Articles of 2011.

12.30.2011 - “Totems: Silhouettes and Iconographic Pluralism,” an exhibit of proto-architectural towers to open at the Zoellner Arts Center on February 2, 2012.

12.19.2011 - WOJR receives 2011-2012 ACSA Faculty Design Award Honorable Mention for “Twins: Houses in Five Parts.”

11.19.2011 - WOJR work published in SPARK Journal, New Expressions: On Housing.

11.01.2011 - WOJR featured in Schöner Wohnen Magazine.

10.20.2011 - WOJR work published in Zapp Urbanism Journal, No. 25, Storm.

10.15.2011 - William O’Brien Jr. named Klein Visiting Artist at Lehigh University.

10.12.2011 - William O'Brien Jr. interviewed for Código Magazine.

09.26.2011 - WOJR featured on Yatzer.

09.15.2011 - WOJR work published in Testing to Failure: Design and Research in MIT's Department of Architecture.

08.22.2011 - WOJR featured on Fast Company's Co.Design.

08.15.2011 - WOJR featured on designboom.

08.09.2011 - William O'Brien Jr.’s project, “Twins” featured on ArchDaily.

06.22.2011 - William O’Brien Jr. gives Architectural League Prize Lecture at the Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery in New York.

06.16.2011 - William O’Brien Jr. is session chair at the ACSA Performative Practices Conference, June 16-18, 2011 in New York.

06.15.2011 - The Architectural League Prize Exhibition opens at the Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery, Parsons The New School for Design, and will be on show from June 15-July 29, 2011.

04.14.2011 - William O’Brien Jr. receives lifetime nomination for the American Institute of Architects Young Architects Award.

03.31.2011 - William O’Brien Jr. is awarded a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts in support of a book project to be published in 2013.

02.26.2011 - William O’Brien Jr. wins the 2011 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers, themed “It’s Different.”

06.30.2010 - MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program Exhibition opens at The Museum of Modern Art featuring William O’Brien Jr.’s proposal “Weathers Permitting.”

05.01.2010 - The 2010 Design Biennial Boston book is released featuring several of William O’Brien Jr.’s design projects.

04.30.2010 - The 2010 Design Biennial Boston exhibition opens at pinkcomma gallery.

04.30.2010 - William O'Brien Jr.’s project, “Allandale House” featured on ArchDaily.

04.05.2010 - William O’Brien Jr. selected as one of five recipients of the 2010 Design Biennial Boston Award.

01.30.2010 - William O’Brien Jr. to participate in panel discussion, “ARCHITECTURALLY.../” at the Hendershot Gallery in New York.

01.26.2010 - William O'Brien Jr.’s MoMA PS1 proposal, “Weathers Permitting” featured on ArchDaily.

12.01.2009 - William O’Brien Jr. is selected as a Finalist for the 2010 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program.

11.06.2009 - William O’Brien Jr. wins Rotch Travelling Scholarship to fund “CYCLES | Geological and Cultural Resonances along Iceland’s Golden Circle,” an options-level graduate design studio to be held at MIT this spring.

11.01.2009 - “Experts in Expediency,” an essay by William O’Brien Jr. published in Log 17 - The Superficial Issue, guest-edited by Mark Foster Gage and Florencia Pita.

10.20.2009 - William O’Brien Jr. presents “Approaching Irreducible Formations,” at the ACADIA 09: reForm() conference hosted by The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

09.23.2013 - Awarded Van Alen Institute Project
07.11.2013 - Shortlisted for VAI Competition
06.23.2013 - Collective–LOK is Announced
06.06.2013 - WOJR Named Top 20 in World
04.10.2013 - Exhibition Opens in Aarhus
03.21.2013 - Tyrone Guthrie Residency Awarded
02.19.2013 - Jury Recognition for Castle Keep
02.15.2013 - Upcoming Exhibition at Aarhus
02.14.2013 - Upcoming Lecture at La Sapienza
02.12.2013 - Featured at AAR
02.05.2013 - Recent Work at BSA Space
02.04.2013 - Upcoming Lecture at AAR
02.03.2013 - Possible Futures Symposium
02.02.2013 - Featured in INSIDEART
02.01.2013 - Interview for Aēsop Register
01.30.2013 - Nine Parts of Two Opens in Rome
12.02.2012 - Certain Aspects Exhibition Opens
12.01.2012 - Totems Published in Log 26
11.29.2012 - Certain Aspects at Keller Gallery
10.24.2012 - Mouldings Project Completed
09.09.2012 - Rome Prize Fellowship Begins
08.19.2012 - MIT Architecture Film for AAG2012
07.08.2012 - WOJR and GLD Collaborate
04.27.2012 - Rome Prize in Architecture
02.02.2012 - Opening of Totems
12.31.2011 - Yatzer’s 50 Most Liked Articles
12.30.2011 - Totems at the Zoellner Arts Center
12.19.2011 - ACSA Faculty Design Award
11.19.2011 - Published in SPARK
11.01.2011 - Featured in Schöner Wohnen
10.20.2011 - Published in Zapp Urbanism 25
10.15.2011 - Named Klein Visiting Artist
10.12.2011 - Interviewed for Código Magazine
09.26.2011 - Featured on Yatzer
09.15.2011 - Published in Testing to Failure
08.22.2011 - Featured on Fast Company Co.Design
08.15.2011 - Featured on designboom
08.09.2011 - Featured on ArchDaily
06.22.2011 - Architectural League Prize Lecture
06.16.2011 - Performative Practices Conference
06.15.2011 - Architectural League Prize Exhibit
03.31.2011 - Graham Foundation Grant
02.26.2011 - Awarded Architectural League Prize
06.30.2010 - MoMA PS1 Young Architects Exhibit
05.01.2010 - Published in DBB 2010
04.30.2010 - Design Biennial Boston Exhibit
04.30.2010 - Featured on ArchDaily
04.05.2010 - Awarded Design Biennial Boston
01.30.2010 - ARCHITECTURALLY.../ Panel
01.26.2010 - Featured on ArchDaily
11.06.2009 - Rotch Travelling Studio Scholarship
11.01.2009 - Experts in Expediency Published
10.20.2009 - ACADIA Conference Presentation